How to use

The best way to understand how this plugin works is to read the short tutorial below. If you are using this plugin only to create responsive tables, you can skip the “Edit webshop” section.

Edit WebShop

Webshop here means an ecommerce platform like amazon, fnac, alibaba, etc.

So, if you have affiliate programs with them and want to have affiliate links in your tables, the first thing to do is to create the corresponding webshop to associate the links with. Remember: one webshop per platform.

So, if you work with Amazon, Fnac and Alibaba, you will need a webshop for each, so 3 webshops.

How to configure a webshop on AffiEasy

In this example, we created a FNAC webshop with[[product_url]]&clickref=[[click_ref]]as url.

The texts between [[ and ]] are variable parameters: you can add as many parameters as needed.

However, the product_url parameter must exists.

Affiliate link preferences are not required, but by filling this section, it will be faster to create affiliate link for this webshop: fields will be automatically filled and your affiliate links will be homogeneous (same color and same link text).

We will see in the “Edit tables” section how easy it is to create affiliate link for the fnac webshop.

Edit Tables

Here what a table looks like:

Create a really fast and beautiful tables with AffiEasy

The screenshot above shows the table editor.

Many features are available to make editor as user-friendly as possible:

  • Drag and drop rows or columns
  • Add new rows or columns (after last or between)
  • Remove rows or columns

Available options:

  • Header(s): select it if you want to have column headers, row headers; both or none.

In this example, we selected both, so when we click on the “Edit header options” button, it’s possible to configure options for both: background color, text color, font weight and font size.

Lots of customization is allowed: color, size, header, column etc
  • Max width: max width of the table in pixels (all available space if empty)
  • Responsive breakpoint: select below which resolution in pixels the table take it’s responsive form (not responsive if empty)
  • Background color : background color of cells (parent background if empty)

Three row types are available: text/html, images or affiliate links.

Select the media you want to illustrate your table

Affiliate links : add as many affiliate links as needed by clicking on the “plus” button or edit affiliate link by clicking on it.

Create fast affiliation link in your table with AffiEasy

Preferences for this webshop are filled → fields are automatically filled during creation process (but we can change them).

There is two variable parameters → these two informations are asked during creation/edition process.


What a beautiful table with auto affiliate link looks like!

In this example we defined the responsive breakpoint at 700px, so below this resolution, the table will take it’s responsive form.

Responsive table with stacking

Upcoming Features

  • Table creation preferences management
  • Affiliate links outside tables
  • Allowing the propagation of changes when a webshop is updated (color, text,…)
  • Pretty url management

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